Elder Spiritvein Bone
Bone obtained from tempered monsters in the Guiding Lands. Proof of their status as true masters of the land.
Rarity 11
Where to find Elder Spiritvein Bone
Master Rank Kirin Guiding Lands (Tempered) x1 35%
Master Rank Kirin Capture Kirin x1 35%
Master Rank Kushala Daora Guiding Lands (Tempered) x1 33%
Master Rank Kushala Daora Capture Kushala Daora x1 33%
Master Rank Lunastra Guiding Lands (Tempered) x1 33%
Master Rank Lunastra Capture Lunastra x1 33%
Master Rank Teostra Guiding Lands (Tempered) x1 33%
Master Rank Teostra Capture Teostra x1 33%
Master Rank Ruiner Nergigante Guiding Lands (Tempered) x1 33%
Master Rank Ruiner Nergigante Capture Ruiner Nergigante x1 33%
Master Rank Blackveil Vaal Hazak Guiding Lands (Tempered) x1 33%
Master Rank Blackveil Vaal Hazak Capture Blackveil Vaal Hazak x1 33%
Master Rank Velkhana Guiding Lands (Tempered) x1 33%
Master Rank Velkhana Capture Velkhana x1 33%
Master Rank Namielle Guiding Lands (Tempered) x1 33%
Master Rank Namielle Capture Namielle x1 33%
What Elder Spiritvein Bone is used for
Armor Required
Rimeguard α+ Layered Head x5
Rimeguard β+ Layered Head x5
Fellshroud α+ Layered Head x5
Fellshroud β+ Layered Head x5
Teostra α+ Layered Head x5
Teostra β+ Layered Head x5
Kushala α+ Layered Head x5
Kushala β+ Layered Head x5
Kirin α+ Layered Head x5
Kirin β+ Layered Head x5
Tentacle α+ Layered Head x5
Tentacle β+ Layered Head x5
Guild Palace+ Layered Head x5
Shara α+ Layered Head x5
Shara β+ Layered Head x5
Lunastra α+ Layered Head x5
Lunastra β+ Layered Head x5
Ruinous α+ Layered Head x5
Ruinous β+ Layered Head x5
Guildwork+ Layered Head x5
Safi α+ Layered Head x5
Safi β+ Layered Head x5
Escadora α+ Layered Head x5
Escadora β+ Layered Head x5
Dragon α+ Layered Head x5
Dragon β+ Layered Head x5
Kulve α+ Layered Head x5
Kulve β+ Layered Head x5
Rimeguard γ+ Layered Head x5
Tentacle γ+ Layered Head x5
Rimeguard α+ Layered Chest x5
Rimeguard β+ Layered Chest x5
Fellshroud α+ Layered Chest x5
Fellshroud β+ Layered Chest x5
Teostra α+ Layered Chest x5
Teostra β+ Layered Chest x5
Kushala α+ Layered Chest x5
Kushala β+ Layered Chest x5
Kirin α+ Layered Chest x5
Kirin β+ Layered Chest x5
Tentacle α+ Layered Chest x5
Tentacle β+ Layered Chest x5
Guild Palace+ Layered Chest x5
Shara α+ Layered Chest x5
Shara β+ Layered Chest x5
Lunastra α+ Layered Chest x5
Lunastra β+ Layered Chest x5
Ruinous α+ Layered Chest x5
Ruinous β+ Layered Chest x5
Guildwork+ Layered Chest x5
Safi α+ Layered Chest x5
Safi β+ Layered Chest x5
Escadora α+ Layered Chest x5
Escadora β+ Layered Chest x5
Dragon α+ Layered Chest x5
Dragon β+ Layered Chest x5
Kulve α+ Layered Chest x5
Kulve β+ Layered Chest x5
Rimeguard γ+ Layered Chest x5
Tentacle γ+ Layered Chest x5
Rimeguard α+ Layered Arms x5
Rimeguard β+ Layered Arms x5
Fellshroud α+ Layered Arms x5
Fellshroud β+ Layered Arms x5
Teostra α+ Layered Arms x5
Teostra β+ Layered Arms x5
Kushala α+ Layered Arms x5
Kushala β+ Layered Arms x5
Kirin α+ Layered Arms x5
Kirin β+ Layered Arms x5
Tentacle α+ Layered Arms x5
Tentacle β+ Layered Arms x5
Guild Palace+ Layered Arms x5
Shara α+ Layered Arms x5
Shara β+ Layered Arms x5
Lunastra α+ Layered Arms x5
Lunastra β+ Layered Arms x5
Ruinous α+ Layered Arms x5
Ruinous β+ Layered Arms x5
Guildwork+ Layered Arms x5
Safi α+ Layered Arms x5
Safi β+ Layered Arms x5
Escadora α+ Layered Arms x5
Escadora β+ Layered Arms x5
Dragon α+ Layered Arms x5
Dragon β+ Layered Arms x5
Kulve α+ Layered Arms x5
Kulve β+ Layered Arms x5
Rimeguard γ+ Layered Arms x5
Tentacle γ+ Layered Arms x5
Rimeguard α+ Layered Torso x5
Rimeguard β+ Layered Torso x5
Fellshroud α+ Layered Torso x5
Fellshroud β+ Layered Torso x5
Teostra α+ Layered Torso x5
Teostra β+ Layered Torso x5
Kushala α+ Layered Torso x5
Kushala β+ Layered Torso x5
Kirin α+ Layered Torso x5
Kirin β+ Layered Torso x5
Tentacle α+ Layered Torso x5
Tentacle β+ Layered Torso x5
Guild Palace+ Layered Torso x5
Shara α+ Layered Torso x5
Shara β+ Layered Torso x5
Lunastra α+ Layered Torso x5
Lunastra β+ Layered Torso x5
Ruinous α+ Layered Torso x5
Ruinous β+ Layered Torso x5
Guildwork+ Layered Torso x5
Safi α+ Layered Torso x5
Safi β+ Layered Torso x5
Escadora α+ Layered Torso x5
Escadora β+ Layered Torso x5
Dragon α+ Layered Torso x5
Dragon β+ Layered Torso x5
Kulve α+ Layered Torso x5
Kulve β+ Layered Torso x5
Rimeguard γ+ Layered Torso x5
Tentacle γ+ Layered Torso x5
Rimeguard α+ Layered Legs x5
Rimeguard β+ Layered Legs x5
Fellshroud α+ Layered Legs x5
Fellshroud β+ Layered Legs x5
Teostra α+ Layered Legs x5
Teostra β+ Layered Legs x5
Kushala α+ Layered Legs x5
Kushala β+ Layered Legs x5
Kirin α+ Layered Legs x5
Kirin β+ Layered Legs x5
Tentacle α+ Layered Legs x5
Tentacle β+ Layered Legs x5
Guild Palace+ Layered Legs x5
Shara α+ Layered Legs x5
Shara β+ Layered Legs x5
Lunastra α+ Layered Legs x5
Lunastra β+ Layered Legs x5
Ruinous α+ Layered Legs x5
Ruinous β+ Layered Legs x5
Guildwork+ Layered Legs x5
Safi α+ Layered Legs x5
Safi β+ Layered Legs x5
Escadora α+ Layered Legs x5
Escadora β+ Layered Legs x5
Dragon α+ Layered Legs x5
Dragon β+ Layered Legs x5
Kulve α+ Layered Legs x5
Kulve β+ Layered Legs x5
Rimeguard γ+ Layered Legs x5
Tentacle γ+ Layered Legs x5
Focus Charm III x4
Grit Charm IV x4
Guardian Charm III x4
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