The player will be assigned a palico during character creation. The player can customize and name the palico. The palico will be permanently tied to the player. Palicoes assist the player by attacking monsters, setting up gadgets, and gathering materials.

Palicoes gain experience when it participate in hunts and expeditions. Palicoes will level up when they gain enough experience, leveling up increases their health and attack power. Palicoes on standby will train on their own to gain experience at a slower rate.


Grimalkyne (Tailrider or Wild cats) are NPCs the player can encounter and interact with in the maps. When the player and their palico are on a quest, their palico can recruit the Grimalkyne to assist them.

Befriending Grimalkyne by completing Grimalkyne quests unlock gadgets and abilities for palicoes.

Friendly Grimalkyne will teach palico how to communicate with small monsters. Palico can ride small monster on the map to assist the player during combat. Different small monsters have different effects. Each Grimalkyne tribe unlocks a different small monster for the player's palico.


When the player saves up guild card with other players, other players' palicoes may start to show up in the map. They can be recruited to help the player in their hunt.

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