Scoutflies are specialized glowing insect clusters that the player can command to track a monster or another person. Scoutflies are stored in a small cage on the player's waist. Scoutflies also have different colored glows depending on the situation.


Color Description
Green Tracking a monster, teammate, or gathering node. Highlighting resources
Red Aggro'ed monster(s) in close proximity
Blue Elder Dragon or Tempered Monster

Tracking Targets

When Scoutflies are leveled up, they will be able to track monsters. The player can track teammates or other monsters by selecting a target on the map interface and pressing R3.

Highlight Resources

Scoutflies can highlight resources and mines in close proximity.



Training Scoutflies

By analyzing tracks and hunting monsters, the player can train and level up their Scoutflies. Scoutflies has separate levels for each individual monster.


Monster track/trails


Analyzing the track (<<C>>) trains the scoutflies


Scoutflies level up

Level Research Point Required Effect
1 Provide guidance to the monster's tracks
2 Provide guidance to the monster
3 Destination and status shown on map.
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