Environment Effects and Hazards

Maps are filled with various natural fauna and flora the player can exploit to give themselves advantage during a hunt.

Some of these include:

Icon Image Name Description Affected
Vitalities Releases a curative nectar when struck, which heals anyone that touches it. All players
Flashflies Emits a strong flash of light when struck, stunning monsters if the flash is in their line of sight. The flash is stronger when more Flashflies are struck at once. Monsters only
Sporepuffs Releases a cloud of spores when struck, which camoflauges the player. All players
Paratoads Releases a paralyzing gas when struck. All
Wiggly Litchi Halves stamina depletion for a short duration when consumed. 1 player
Vigorwasps Releases a healing cloud when struck.
Poisoncups Releases a poisonous fluid when struck, which remains pooled on the ground for a short duration. All
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