Insect Glaive

Please refer to the MHWI Damage Formula and MHWI General Data Sheet by MoonBunnie & Deathcream for up to date information.

The Insect Glaive (IG) deals damage through a a combination of the Kinsect, a small flying insect that harvests Extracts from monsters to buff the player, and the Glaive, a fluid, fast-attacking staff-like weapon.

Strength & Weakness

Strength Weakness
  • High mobility and quick attacks
  • Uses monster Extracts for self-buffs
  • Has easy access to vaulting and aerial attacks
  • Extracts must be maintained to maximize effectiveness
  • Limited movement options when airborne

Kinsect Bonus

Kinsect Bonuses are bonus effects the Glaive confers on the Kinsect when they are paired together.

Bonus Description
Sever Boost Boosts Severing damage. Only works on Kinsects that deal Severing damage
Blunt Boost Boosts Blunt damage. Only works on Kinsects that deal Blunt damage
Element Boost Boosts Elemental damage dealt by the Kinsect
Health Boost Boosts health recovered from Green Extract
Speed Boost Boosts Kinsect flying speed

Combat Tips

  • Because Red Extract strengthens attacks, keeping Red Extract active is important for increasing damage.
  • White Extract provides a movement speed buff.
  • Extracts can be re-harvested to refresh its duration.
  • Going from a single Extract to a Double up or a Triple Up will refresh Extract duration.
  • Stay in Red+White Double Up or in Triple Up as much as possible.
  • While Triple-Up gives slightly larger buff, it doesn't last as long, thus requiring more Extract maintenance.
  • Both the Midair Evade and the Jumping Advancing Slash can be used to reduce or create distance between the player and the monster.
  • Tag an immobilized monster and attack the tagged hitzone to deal additional damage from the Kinsect's homing attack. Ignite the dust left by Kinsect attacks to deal even more damage.


When equipping an Insect Glaive, the player can equip different Kinsects. Kinsects have different beneficial bonuses, which make them useful for different circumstances.

A kinsect has the following attributes:

Attribute Description
Name Name of the Kinsect
Level Level of the Kinsect
Attack Type Severing/Blunt. Physical damage dealt by the Kinsect.
Dust Effect Dust left by Kinsects when they auto attack
Element Elemental attribute of the Kinsect
Power Attack power of the Kinsect
Speed Flying speed of the Kinsect
Bonus Weapon bonus from equipping the Kinsect

Kinsect and Extracts

Kinsects provide buffs to the player by harvesting Extracts from monsters. Small monsters only provide 1 type of Extract, regardless of where the Kinsect hits them. Large monsters provide different types of Extract depending on [[where the Kinsect hits them|understanding-monster#monster-hitzone]].

There are 4 types of extracts:

Extract Name Description
[[images/ig_extract_red) Red Usually comes from the head or claws.
[[images/ig_extract_white) White Usually comes from wings or legs.
[[images/ig_extract_orange) Orange Usually comes from the tail or back.
Green Restores health. Usually comes from tail.
Some Large monsters may not have this.

Extract buffs are applied when the Kinsect returns to the player. Combining different Extracts provide additional effects. These combinations are commonly referred to as Double up or Triple up.

Extract Duration Effects
[[images/ig_buff_red) Increase attack. Gain stronger moves.
[[images/ig_buff_white) Increase mobility and jump height.
[[images/ig_buff_orange) Reduce knockback.
[[images/ig_buff_red_white) Attack Up + Red/White's effects
[[images/ig_buff_white_orange) Defense Up, Earplugs (resist some monster roars) + White/Orange's effects
[[images/ig_buff_red_white_orange) Attack Up, Defense Up, Earplugs + Red/White/Orange's effects

Kinsect Dust

Monster body parts can be tagged with a Kinsect (Mark Target) or a Kinsect (Fire). The equipped Kinsect will perform homing attacks on the tagged body part, and will collect Extracts automatically. These attacks will stop when the player Recalls the Kinsect or when it runs out of stamina.

When the Kinsect lands an attack, a small dust cloud will be left behind. If ths dust cloud is hit by the player or friendly fire, it explodes and deals damage to the monster. If the monster moves away, the Kinsect will still track and attack the tagged body part, but the dust clouds will stay in their original positions.

Dust: Poison. Deals poison damage to monster when ignited.

Kinsect Tree

Movelist: Glaive

When Red Extract is active on the player, certain moves will be replaced by their stronger counterpart.

Vault and all Kinsect-related actions are available while standing or in the middle of any combo.

Move Button (+Condition) Properties
Leaping Slash Draw Attack > <<T>>
Walking > <<C>>
Combos into:
  • (Strong) Rising Slash Combo <<T>>
  • Overhead Smash <<C>>
  • (Red extract) Tornado Slash <<C>>
(Strong) Rising Slash Combo Standing > <<T>> Combos into:
  • (Strong) Reaping Slash <<T>>
  • Overhead Smash <<C>>
  • (Red extract) Tornado Slash <<C>>
(Strong) Wide Sweep Standing > <<C>> Combos into:
  • (Strong) Rising Slash Combo <<T>>
  • Overhead Smash <<C>>
  • (Red extract) Tornado Slash <<C>>
Overhead Smash If the player has Red Extract, this move will be replaced by the Tornado Slash
Combos into:
  • (Strong) Thrust <<T>>
Tornado Slash If the player has Red Extract, Overhead Smash will be replaced by this move
Combos into:
  • (Strong) Thrust <<T>>
(Strong) Thrust Walking > <<T>> Combos into:
  • (Strong) Reaping Slash <<T>>
  • (Strong) Wide Sweep <<C>>
(Strong) Reaping Slash Combos into:
  • (Strong) Double Slash <<T>>
  • (Strong) Wide Sweep <<C>>
  • Dodge Slash   Back+<<C>>
(Strong) Double Slash Combos into:
  • Overhead Smash <<C>>
  • (Red extract) Tornado Slash <<C>>
Dodge Slash Standing > <<C>> Combos into:
  • (Strong) Rising Slash Combo <<T>>
  • Overhead Smash <<C>>
  • (Red extract) Tornado Slash <<C>>
Vault Standing > R2+<<X>>
Mid any combo > R2+<<X>>
Combos into:
  • (Strong) Jumping Slash <<T>>
  • (Strong) Jumping Advancing Slash <<C>>
  • Midair Evade <<X>>
(Strong) Jumping Slash Mid Air > <<T>> Mount Damage
(Strong) Jumping Advancing Slash Mid Air > <<C>> If the last hit lands, then a Vaulting Dance will be automatically performed.
Vaulting Dance Limited by remaining stamina
Combos into:
  • (Strong) Jumping Slash <<T>>
  • (Strong) Jumping Advancing Slash <<C>>
  • Midair Evade <<X>>
Midair Evade Midair > <<X>> Combos into:
  • (Strong) Jumping Slash <<T>>
  • (Strong) Jumping Advancing Slash <<C>>
Kinsect (Mark Target) Mid Combo > R2 Use the glaive to tag the target.
Kinsect (Fire) L2 to aim, R2 to Fire Fire a tag from far away. Functions the same as the Kinsect (Mark Target)
Kinsect: Harvest Extract L2+<<T>> Fire the Kinsect to collect Extract.
Kinsect: Recall L2+<<C>> Recall the Kinsect. Any Extract harvested will be used to buff the player.
Walking off the ledge, or mid air If the weapon is sheathed, then the player can combo into: (Strong) Jumping Slash <<T>>.
Walking off the ledge, or mid air If the weapon is drawn before jumping off the ledge, the player can combo into:
  • (Strong) Jumping Slash <<T>>
  • (Strong) Jumping Advancing Slash <<C>>
  • Midair Evade <<X>>
Sliding on a slope Can combo into:
  • (Strong) Jumping Advancing Slash <<T>>
  • Kinsect: Harvest Extract (R2)
  • Jump <<X>>

Additional Notes:

The player can stick to a runnable wall by vaulting onto it while holding the left-stick towards the wall. When the player sticks onto a wall, they can Jump (Direction+<<X>>) or Drop Down (<<X>>).

Jumping towards a wall will launch the player upwards. Jumping away from a wall will vault the player away at high speed. The player can make Vault-related actions while in mid-air.

Motion Values

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