Fully upgraded weapons and armors can be augmented to further enhance their power. Augmentations require rare monster materials and Streamstones. Streamstones can be obtained by completing Tempered Investigation.

Tempered Investigation

Tempered Investigation quests are randomly awarded when the player gathered tracks from [[tempered monsters|understanding-monster#tempered-monster]].

Threat Level Monsters
1 Pukei-Pukei, Tobi-Kadachi, Anjanath, Barroth, Jyuratodus, Rathian, Paolumu, Radobaan
2 Rathalos, Azure Rathalos, Pink Rathian, Diablos, Black Diablos, Bazelgeuse, Uragaan, Lavasioth, Legiana, Odogaron
3 Kirin, Teostra, Kushala Daora, Nergigante, Vaal Hazak

The following monsters do not have Tempered variation: Great Jagras, Kulu-Ya-ku, Tzitzi-Ya-Ku, Great Girros, Dodogama, Zorah Magdaros, Xeno'jiiva

Tempered Investigation Reward

Completing tempered investigations reward the player with various streamstones and feystones. Streamstones are used for augmentations, feystones can be appraised and yield decorations.

Investigation Type Quest Rewards Bonus Reward (Purple)
Threat I Streamstone Shard (7%)
  • Mysterious Feystone (60%)
  • Glowing Feystone(35%)
  • Worn Feystone (5%)
Threat II Streamstone (7%)
  • Glowing Feystone(36%)
  • Worn Feystone (35%)
  • Warped Feystone (26%)
  • Sullied Streamstone (3%)
Threat III Gleaming Streamstone (7%)
  • Worn Feystone (72%)
  • Warped Feystone (13%)
  • Sullied Streamstone (12%)
  • Shining Streamstone (3%)


Streamstone shard, streamstone, and gleaming streamstone are used as:

  • Key ingredient for Melding Pot
  • Primary ingredient for Armor Augmentation
  • Secondary ingredient for Weapon Augmentation

Sullied Streamstone and Shining Streamstone will be appraised and identified as Warrior's streamstone and Hero's streamstone. Warrior's streamstone and Hero's streamstone are the primary ingredient for weapon augmentation.

Sullied Streamstone Shining Streamstone Augmented Weapon
Warrior's Streamstone: Sword Hero's Streamstone: Sword Great Sword, Long Sword
Warrior's Streamstone: Blade Hero's Streamstone: Blade Sword & Shield, Dual Blade
Warrior's Streamstone: Hammer Hero's Streamstone: Hammer Hammer, Hunting Horn
Warrior's Streamstone: Lance Hero's Streamstone: Lance Lance, Gunlance
Warrior's Streamstone: Axe Hero's Streamstone: Axe Switch Axe, Charge Blade
Warrior's Streamstone: Shaft Hero's Streamstone: Shaft Insect Glaive, Bow
Warrior's Streamstone: Ranged Hero's Streamstone: Ranged Light Bowgun, Heavy Bowgun

Weapon Augmentation

Fully upgraded weapons can be augmented to further enhance their capability. The following augmentations can be added to weapons:

Augmentation Type Description Effect
Attack Increase Increase attack power. Stacks with other upgrades +5 True Attack Value
Affinity Increase Increase affinity. Stacks with other upgrades +10% affinity (+5 for 2nd and 3rd affinity augmentation)
Defense Increase Increase defense and adds a chance to reduce damage taken each time you receive damage. Stacks with other upgrades +10 defense
Slot Upgrade Adds an extra slot. Stack with other upgrades to increase the slot's level
Health Regen Regain health as you land attacks. Stack with other upgrades to increase the amount of health regained

Weapon augmentations can be overwrite; however, materials used for previous augmentation will not be returned. Weapons of different rarity requires different materials to add augmentations:

Rarity Augmentation Slot Materials required per Augmentation
6 3
  • Warrior's Streamstone x1
  • Streamstone Shard x3
  • Rare Monster Material
7 2
  • Warrior's Streamstone x2
  • Streamstone x3
  • Rare Monster Material
8 1
  • Hero's Streamstone x1
  • Gleaming Streamstone x3
  • Rare Monster Material
Augmentation Type Rarity 6 Rarity 7 Rarity 8
Attack Increase Rathalos Plate x2 Rathalos Ruby x1 Teostra Gem x1
Affinity Increase Odogaron Plate x2 Odogaron Gem x1 Kushala Gem x1
Defense Increase Bird Wyvern Gem x1 Wyvern Gem x1 Elder Dragon Blood x2
Slot Upgrade Legiana Plate x2 Legiana Gem x1 Vaal Hazak Gem x1
Health Regen Anjanath Plate x2 Anjanath Gem x1 Nergigante Gem x1

Armor Augmentation

Armor augmentation has one single option: Upgrade Limit Removal. This augmentation increase the maximum upgrade limit for the armor; allowing the armor to increase its defense.

Rarity Streamstone Required
6 and below Streamstone Shard x1
7 Streamstone x1
8 Gleaming Streamstone x1
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