Quest Overview

Quests are missions with specific objectives that players take on. Quests can be categorized into:

  • Assigned
  • Optional
  • Investigation
  • Event
  • NPC Quests
  • [[Grimalkyne|palicoes#grimalkyne]] Quests

Assigned, Optional, Investigation, and Event quests can be accepted in [[Astrea|facilities]]. NPC and Grimalkyne quests can be found when roaming around on the map.

Most quests are slaying or hunting quests. The basic flow of taking on and completing a slaying or hunting quest is as follows:

  1. Select a quest or join a quest by talking to the Handler at the Quest Counter or interacting with a [[Quest Board|facilities#quest-board]].
  2. Use the [[canteen|meals]] before starting the quest or at the beginning of the quest.
  3. Track the monster(s) by [[analyzing their tracks with Scoutflies|scoutflies#training-scoutflies]].
  4. [[Follow the Scoutflies|scoutflies#tracking-targets]] to find the monster
  5. Engage the monster. Slay or [[capture|trapping#capturing-monsters]] it to complete the quest objective.

Completing Quests

A quest is deemed "completed" when its objective(s) are met. Quest objectives include:

  • Defeating the target monster(s)
  • [[Capturing|trapping#capture]] the target monster(s)
  • Delivering requested items
  • Forcing monster(s) to retreat

Rewards from completing a quest include:

  • Quest rewards from completing the quest's objective
  • Bonus materials from capturing monsters or gathering
  • Additional rewards from hunting other monsters or completing sub-quests
  • Money
  • Research points
  • Hunter Rank points

Completing certain quests can also unlock and upgrade facilities.

Failing Quests

Quests are failed when:

  • The quest's monetary reward reaches 0 from carting multiple times
  • In a quest where the objective is to capture the target monster(s), and the target monster(s) are killed
  • Exceeding the time limit

If a quest fails, any items consumed during the quest will not be returned.


Carting refers to a player fainting (when their health reaches 0) in the battlefield and subsequently being sent back to the nearest camp on a cart.

Carting reduces the quest's monetary reward by a set amount. When playing with teammates, a cart from any player will reduce every player's monetary reward. If a quest's monetary reward reaches 0, the quest is deemed a failure and automatically ends.

Online Quests

The player can post quests in the [[gathering hub|facilities#the-celestial-pursuit]] and up to 4 players (including the player themselves) can participate in the quest.

During an online Expedition, SOS flares can be fired to ask for help. Players responding to the SOS flare will join the player's quest.

Assigned Quests

Assigned Quests (or key quests) are quests tied directly to story progression. The player speaks to the [[Chief Commander|facilities#chief-commander]] to progress the story and acquire new Assigned Quests.

In addition to quest rewards, completing Assigned Quests also unlock more Assigned Quests, Optional Quests, Villager Requests, and other things.

Optional Quests

Optional quests are not pertinent to story progression, but are side missions players can take on. These quests can be used to gather specific resources, hunt specific monsters, face new challenges, or otherwise experience more of the game.

Investigation Quests

Investigation quests are randomized quests the player can accept and post. The player can hold up to 250 quests and register up to 50 quests. Only registered quests can be posted. The player can complete a Investigation quest as many times as they can before they used up the number of attempts allocated to the quest.

Investigation quests randomize the following quest criteria:

Parameter Description
Target(s) Target monster
Objective(s) Quest Objectives. Hunt/Capture the target
Fail Conditions Fail condition of the quest
Locale The location of the quest
Condition Participate condition of the quest: Hunter Rank and Party Size
Reward Money Monetary reward from completing the quest
Time Limit The time limit of this quest
Reward Bonus rewards
Locale Information Beneficial changes in the locale
Remaining Attempt The number of time the player can play this quest

Investigation quests can offer up to 5 Rewards. Rewards are unknown before completing the quests, there are 3 tier of rewards: bronze, silver, and gold. Gold Reward usually offers the best reward.

[[Tempered investigation|augmentation#tempered-investigation]] reward only Purple reward.

Event Quests

Event quests are special online quests with unique rewards.


Bounties are side missions the player can complete during their main quests. There are 3 types of Bounties: Registered, Critical, and Limited.

Registered Bounties are the Bounties can be acceptable at the [[Resource Center|facilities#resource-center]] and the player can have up to 6 bounties at any given time. Critical Bounties can be accepted by talking to field NPCs when the player is doing a Expedition Quest. Limited Bounties are weekly bounties.

Completing bounties will reward the player with research points and [[armor spheres|equipment#crafting-and-upgrading-equipment]].

Bounty Description
Ecology Survey: Small Monster Culling Slay X number of small monsters
Ecology Survey: Large Monster Capture Capture X number of large monsters
Ecology Survey: Large Monster Hunt Hunt (Slay or Capture) X number of large monsters
Ecology Survey: Monster Type Capture Capture X number of large monsters of the specified type
Ecology Survey: Monster Type Hunt Hunt (Slay or Capture) X number of large monsters of the specified type
Field Research: Item Type Gather X number of items
Research Progress: Location Complete X number of quest in the specified location
Research Progress: Quest Type Complete X number of quest


Deliveries are tied to requests issued by the Astrea villagers. Completing delivery requests will reward the player with money, unlock equipment, and unlock/level-up [[facilities|facilities]]


In Expedition mode, the player can:

  • Hunt any large or small monster
  • [[Gather|gathering]] resources
  • Accept and complete NPC/Grimalkyne Quests
  • Explore the map

Expeditions allow the player to explore a map without a time limit or cart limit. Up to 3 large monsters can be present on the map while out on an Expedition. After a while, large monsters may leave the map, allowing a different large monster to spawn.

Expeditions can be started by staying out in the map after completing a quest or visiting a map without selecting a quest.

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