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The Bow is a mid-ranged Gunner weapon that exploits Bow Coatings to imbue its arrows with specific effects. Its mobility and fluidity enables effective respositioning to keep up an onslaught of relentless attacks.

Strength & Weakness

Strength Weakness
  • Decent range
  • Fast mobility
  • Coatings offer numerous additional effects to shots
  • Coating stock is limited
  • Attacks consume stamina

Charging and Firing

The Bow can charge arrows to do [[more Physical and Elemental/Status damage|damage#weapon-adjustment]]. Charging arrows will slowly drain [[stamina|status#stamina]]. Charging an arrow does not slow movement. Instead, movement only slows when the player aims their shot (L2).


Left to right: level 1, level 2, and level 3 charge

Level Attack Elemental Status Additional Info
1 -XXL -L ? No Charge
2 -M ?
3 +XL ?

After firing a Lv 1/2 Charged shot, the player can press R2 immediately to start a Charged Shot at Lv2/3 respectively. After a Quick Shot (<<C>>) and Power Shot (<<C>>) combo, the player can gain a Lv3 Charged Shot if they press R2 right after the Power Shot.

After firing, the player can press a direction + <<X>> to perform a Charging Side Step. This swiftly moves the player to the inputted direction while generating charge for a Charged shot. Charging Side Steps can be performed when the player is aiming or to interrupt shot charging.

If the player presses R2 right after a Charging Side Step, the charge level will start at one level higher than the previous shot. For example, if the player fires or interrupts a Lv1 Charged shot by performing a Charging Side Step, the Charged Shot following the CHarging Side Step will start at Lv 2.

Critical Distance

Critical Distance (Critical Range) refers to the distance at which fired shots will [[deal the most amount of damage|damage#critical-distance]]. Arrows at Critical Distance do more Physical damage, and if applicable, more Elemental/Status damage.

[[images/critical_distance_bow_yes) [[images/critical_distance_bow_no)


Arrows can be imbued with additional effects via Bow Coatings. The player can only carry a fixed amount of Bow Coating, but additional coatings can be crafted if the player has the required ingredients in their inventory.

Icon Coating Amount Effect
Power Coating 50 Increases attack. (x1.35)
Close-range Coating Increases attack (x1.18), but shortens range and Critical Distance.
Paralysis Coating* 20 Adds Paralysis to fired arrows.
Sleep Coating* 20 Adds Sleep to fired arrows.
Poison Coating* 20 Adds Poison to fired arrows.
Blast Coating* 20 Adds Blast to fired arrows.

* If the Bow has an innate [[elemental attribute|damage#elemental]], these coatings will override it temporarily.

Dragon Piercer

Dragon Piercer (<<T>>+<<C>>) is a powerful single-shot attack that pierces its target.


It can be used from a standing position or after a shot. Dragon Piercer deals damage while it travels through a monster’s body. Dragon Piercer is affected by the charge level of the previous shot, and the player can either follow up a Lv3 Charged Shot with a Dragon Piercer or cancel the Lv3 Charged Shot and still get its damage bonus.

Combat Tips

  • Since Coatings are limited, learning the range of Critical Distance is important to maximize the damage from Coatings and reduce waste.
  • Evasion rolls (<<X>>) cancel Charged Shots. If a shot looks unappealing, cancel it prematurely to conserve Coating and avoid wasting stamina.
  • Use Charging Side Steps to evade incoming attacks.
  • Multiple Charging Side Steps can be chained together to fire multiple Charged Shots.
  • [[Stamina maintenance|status#stamina]] is crucial. Without sufficient stamina, the player cannot make evasion rolls or run away from danger.


Move Button (+Condition) Properties
Draw Weapon Draw Attack > <<T>>
Draw into a Charge Draw Attack > R2 Draw weapon into a Charged Shot
Aim L2 Left-stick to strafe. Right-stick to aim
Charged Shot (Hold) R2 Combos into:
  • Arc Shot <<C>>
  • Apply/Remove Coating <<T>>
  • Dragon Piercer <<T>>+<<C>>
  • Shoot (Release R2)
Releasing a Charged Shot midair will perform a Midair Shot.
Evading or hopping off a ledge will cancel the Charge, and no shot will be fired and no coating will be used.
Shoot During Charged Shot > Release R2 Combos into:
  • Charged Shot (R2)
  • Power Shot <<C>>
  • Apply/Remove Coating <<T>>
  • Dragon Piercer <<T>>+<<C>>
  • Charging SideStep   Direction+<<X>>
Midair Shot Release Charged Shot in midair
Quick Shot Standing/Walking > <<C>> Combos into:
  • Charged Shot (R2)
  • Power Shot <<C>>
  • Apply/Remove Coating <<T>>
  • Dragon Piercer <<T>>+<<C>>
  • Charging SideStep   Direction+<<X>>
Power Shot After Charged Shot/Quick Shot > <<C>> Combos into
  • Charged Shot (R2)
  • Arc Shot <<C>>
  • Apply/Remove Coating <<T>>
  • Dragon Piercer <<T>>+<<C>>
  • Charging SideStep   Direction+<<X>>
Charging Side Step After any shot > Direction + <<X>>
Hold L2 > <<X>>
Has a very small combo window. Charged Shots comboed from this move will have maximum charge at the beginning.
Combos into
  • Charged Shot (R2)
  • Power Shot <<C>>
  • Lunging Melee Attack <<T>>
  • Dragon Piercer <<T>>+<<C>>
Arc Shot During Charged Shot > <<C>>
After Power Shot > <<C>>
An Arc shot comboed from a Charged Shot can be aimed (L2 to aim, left-stick to adjust aim) as long as R2+<<C>> is held down.
An Arc shot comboed from a Power shot (need to test) cannot be aimed.
Dragon Piercer From any combo > <<T>>+<<C>>
Standing > <<T>>+<<C>>
Can be aimed with L2 + Left stick. The player cannot move during the attack. Cannot be manually canceled.
Apply/Remove Coatings <<T>> Apply/Remove current coating. Applied Coating will not be removed until it is removed with this input, a new coating is applied, or the player uses up all available coating.
Coatings will not be removed when the player cycles through available coating or when the Bow is sheathed.
Cycle through Coating L1+<<T>>/<<X>>
Dpad Up/Down
Cycling through available coating does not remove the Applied Coating.
Lunging Melee Attack During Charging Side Step, <<T>> Cutting Damage. Lunge forward to strike the target with your arrow. This attack does not use up any coating.
Combos into Charging Side Step <<T>>
Jumping Melee Attack Mid Air > <<T>> Cutting Damage. Can be used to mount. Does not consume any coatings.
Wall Climb Power Shot Charging Side Step toward a wall
Midair Draw Attack Combos into::
  • Jumping Melee Attack <<T>>
  • Charged Shot (Hold R2)
Sliding down a slop Combos into::
  • Charged Shot (Hold R2)
  • Fire (R2)
  • Jump <<X>>

Motion Values

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