Specialized Tools
Armory R&D: Waterproofing 1500pts Waterproof Mantle
Armory R&D: Weatherizing 1500pts Iceproof Mantle
Specialized Tool: Assassin's Hood 1000pts Specialized Tool: Assassin's Hood
Wisdom of Sabi 600pts Bushi Kabuto "Sabi"
Spirit of Sabi 600pts Bushi Muneate "Sabi"
Strength of Sabi 600pts Bushi Kote "Sabi"
Foundation of Sabi 600pts Bushi Koshiate "Sabi"
Flight of Sabi 600pts Bushi Suneate "Sabi"
Wisdom of Homare 800pts Bushi Kabuto "Homare"
Spirit of Homare 800pts Bushi Muneate "Homare"
Strength of Homare 800pts Bushi Kote "Homare"
Foundation of Homare 800pts Bushi Koshiate "Homare"
Flight of Homare 800pts Bushi Suneate "Homare"
Breaking out the Brigade 5000pts Brigade Layered Armor
Budding Blossoms 5000pts Blossom Layered Armor
Death Becomes You 5000pts Death Stench Layered Armor
Deep Dive Down 5000pts Diver Layered Armor
Lurking in the Shadows 1000pts Shadow Shades Layered Armor
Float Like Butterflies 5000pts Butterfly Layered Armor
Dante's Inferno 5000pts Dante Layered Armor
The Honor of the Drachen 5000pts Drachen Layered Armor
Cross My Heart 5000pts Guild Cross Layered Armor
Time to Harvest! 5000pts Harvest Layered Armor
The Whole Hog 1000pts Mosswine Mask Layered Armor
Just the Faux 1000pts Faux Felyne Layered Armor
Blooming Sakura 5000pts Sakura Layered Armor
Original Origin 5000pts Origin Layered Armor
Commanding the Commish 5000pts Commission Layered Armor
Threads of Orion 5000pts Orion Layered Armor
Quite the Eyesore 1000pts Sealed Eyepatch Layered Armor
Wiggly Wobbly Woo 1000pts Wiggler Head Layered Armor
Scalping for Skulls 1000pts Skull Mask Layered Head Armor
Wandering Martial Artist 5000pts Ryu Layered Armor
Dressed to the Nines 5000pts Gala Suit Layered Armor
Buggin' Out 5000pts Beetle Layered Armor
Klutzy Kulu Kapers 1000pts Kulu-Ya-Ku Layered Head Armor
Becoming an Assassin 5000pts Bayek Layered Armor
Geralt of Rivia 5000pts Geralt Layered Armor
Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon 5000pts Ciri Layered Armor
Setting Up Camp: Ancient Forest I 50pts Northwest Camp (8)
Setting Up Camp: Ancient Forest II 1000pts Ancient Forest Camp (17)
Setting Up Camp: Wildspire Waste I 300pts Central Camp (6)
Setting Up Camp: Wildspire Waste II 800pts Northeast Camp (15)
Setting Up Camp: Coral Highlands 1000pts Northeast Camp (12)
Setting Up Camp: Elder's Recess I 750pts Eastern Camp (8)
Setting Up Camp: Elder's Recess II 1200pts Northwest Camp (16)
Setting Up Camp: Hoarfrost Reach I 1000pts Central Camp (7)
Setting Up Camp: Hoarfrost Reach II 1200pts North-eastern Camp (15)
Setting Up Camp: Guiding Lands 1500pts Eastern Camp (3)
Mushrooms: Nature's Smelly Bounty 100pts King Truffle
A Feast of Fish 200pts Gajau Gill
Princely Prawns 300pts Coral Shrimp
Million Zenny Veggie 400pts Millionfold Cabbage
A Thousand-Year-Old Crab!? 500pts Millenary Crab
Tomatoes Red As Magma 600pts Fatty Tomato
The Juicy Meat Resistance 700pts Rich Rump
The Bone-In Roast Resistance 800pts Great Mutton
Ancient But Fresh! 800pts Ancient Seabream
A Veggie Master of Disguise 800pts Aromaticelery
Phantasmagoric Paprika! 600pts Prismatic Paprika
A Master's Toast 600pts Master Ale
A Fire-Spewing Brew 1000pts Ratha Whiskey
A Great Help 50pts Diced Steak
Lively Spirits 1000pts Tequila de Locos
Harvest Box
To Hold a Harvest 300pts Harvest Box Upgrade
Your Storage Solution 1000pts Harvest Box Upgrade
Fertilizer Effect
Grow, Greenery, Grow 600pts Mega Fertilizer
A Mountain of Mushrooms 700pts Choice Mushroom Substrate
The Pied Bug Piper 800pts Thick Summoner Jelly
Shattering the Grass Ceiling 900pts Ancient Catalyst
A Gentle Earthen Bed 1000pts Soft Soil
The Shortcut to Happiness 1000pts Ropelift
Room Customization
Happy Little Trees 300pts Ancient Forest Painting
Desert But Not Deserted 300pts Wildspire Wastes Painting
Refreshing Colors 500pts Coral Highlands Painting
Creepy Canvas 500pts Rotten Vale Painting
Where Elders Play 800pts Elder's Recess Painting
Snowy Spectacle 1000pts Hoarfrost Reach Painting
Silent Hunter, Swift as the Wind 800pts Nargacuga Painting
Magnificent Magdaros 1000pts Zorah Magdaros Painting
Type to Save Your Life 1500pts Typewriter
Good Ol' Item Box 1500pts Item Box
The House of Holiday Joy! 800pts Joyful Snowman
Lighting Up The Place 300pts Joyful Lanterns
The House of Grand Appreciation! 800pts Appreciative Snowman
Full Of Hot Air I 100pts Felyne Balloon
Full Of Hot Air II 100pts Grimalkyne Balloon (White)
Full Of Hot Air III 100pts Grimalkyne Balloon (Black)
Full Of Hot Air IV 100pts Gajalaka Balloon
The House of Full Bloom! 800pts Blooming Snowman
Hanging Around I 100pts Showy Rugs (1F)
Hanging Around II 100pts Showy Rugs (2F)
Hanging Around III 100pts Flower Decoration (Small)
Hanging Around IV 100pts Flower Decoration (Large)
The House of Sizzling Spice! 800pts Sizzling Snowman
Mask DeMasque I 100pts Hanging Rathalos Mask
Mask DeMasque II 100pts Hanging Rathian Mask
Mask DeMasque III 100pts Hanging Kulu-Ya-Ku Mask
The House of Fun Fright! 800pts Frightful Snowman
Frighteningly Fashionable 1 100pts Ghostly Fun Fright Ornament
Frighteningly Fashionable 2 100pts Glowing Fun Fright Ornament
Frighteningly Fashionable 3 100pts Fun Fright Stooge
Technician's Temperament 2000pts Dragonproof Mantle Upgrade
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