Astrea has a lot of facilities that support the Hunter in their adventures.

Provisions Stockpile

Talk to the Provisions Stockpile to buy or sell items. Various supply items, such as healing items, ingredients for combining items, ammo, and Bow Coatings, are available here.

Resource Center

The player can pick up [[Bounties|quest#bounties]], [[Investigation quests|quest#investigation]], and [[Deliveries|quest#deliveries]] here.

Quest Counter

The player can talk to the Handler to accept new quests.

Quest Board

At the Quest Board, players can:

  • Post a new Quest
  • Join a Quest
  • Create an online session

Quest Board can be find at the Entrance of Astrea and outside the Workship. The Handler can be found near the Canteen.

Ecological Research Center

The player can inspect their research level on different monsters. Research levels can be increased by analyzing monster tracks or hunting monsters.

Botanical Research Center

The Botanical Research Center can be used to farm and harvest natural resources. Talking to the Chief Botanist will give the player the following options: Cultivate, Fertilize, and Collect.

Cultivate and Collect

Cultivate lets the player farm a natural resource using a Harvest Box. The player starts with 1 Cultivation Chamber, and can eventually gain access to a maximum of 3 Chamber.

Resources have 2 parameters: Time Needed and Harvested:

  • Time Needed determines how many quests the player needs to complete to move the Cultivation by 1 cycle.
  • Harvested determines the amount of resources Cultivation Chamber can produce per cycle.

The Harvest Box has 10 slots to store the products from Cultivation Chamber. Once the box is full, no additional resources will be cultivated. The Cultivation will continue as long as there's sufficient space in the box. Collecting harvested resources prematurely does not affect cultivation. The amount of slots can be increased by completing requests.


Fertilizing the the Harvest Box improves its yield. Fertilizer cost points and they only last for a set amount of quests.

Melding Pot

Various consumable items can be crafted with the Melding Pot. Melding Pot recipes are different from manual item combination recipes.

The Melding Pot can also be used to meld [[Decoration Jewels|equipment#decoration-jewel]].

Chief Commander

Speak with the Chief Commander to get new Assigned Quests for story progression.


In the house, players can play with their pets and change their equipment.

The equipment box allows the player to change their [[equipment|equipment]]. Equipment boxes can be found in the player's house, near the quest board, and in the workshop. Tents in base camps also have an equipment box.


The Smithy is located in the workshop (2F). Talking to the Smithy allows the player to:

  • Craft/Upgrade [[Equipment|equipment#crafting-and-upgrading-equipment]]
  • Craft Palico Equipment
  • Customize ([[Light Bowguns|light-bowgun#customization]] and [[Heavy Bowguns|heavy-bowgun#customization]]) with modifications
  • Manage [[Kinsects|insect-glaive#kinsect]]
    • Nurture a Kinsect
    • Change Kinsect Elements
    • Purchase Kinsects


Before departing for a quest, players can eat [[meals|meals]] in the canteen to gain Food Skills and health and/or stamina buffs.

The Celestial Pursuit

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