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This solid gold Monster Hunter statue is officially licensed and costs a mere $80,000
We checked out some Monster Hunter figurines last year, shortly after Monster Hunter: World made its way to PC, and some of them were pretty sweet. But none of them are anywhere as sweet—or maybe "grotesquely ostentatious" is the term I'm really looking for—as the 24k Gold Rathian statuette, and the Silver Rathalos constructed of platinum, offered by Japanese collectible manufacturer U-Treasure. Hypebeast shared photos of the statues on Instgram, while Google-translated details are available on the U-Treasure site. The Gold Rathian measures approximately 15.5 by 11 cm, stands roughly 7.5 cm in height, and weighs about 600g, while the Silver Rathalos is 15x15x7.5 cm and weighs about 840g. Each comes with a glass case, because of course they do—we're not talking about injection molded plastic crapola here, people. How much do they cost? I'm glad you asked. They sell for ¥8.8 million each, which is a little over—holy kapowzers ...
Steam Charts: Recycled Air Edition
There is nothing worse for a world-leading chartologist (PhD) like me than a Steam sale. All sense is lost, all decorum thrown to the wind, as the same few games come stamping all over everything like an uninvited six year old whose parents let him go to bed whenever he wants. And we’re entering Sale Season, people. It’s going to get stampy. (more…)
Smell like a Monster Hunter with the actual real life Capcom perfume range
What do Monster Hunter: World's diligent Hunters smell like? It's not a question I've ever asked before, but now that the Capcom Tokyo Store is selling a collection of Monster Hunter perfumes, along with Devil May Cry and Phoenix Wright scents, I think answers are needed.  The two Monster Hunter collections are actually from Monster Hunter Generations and Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, but I'm not sure if that would have an impact on the smell. First we'd probably need to establish if it's designed to make us smell like a Hunter or the game itself.  Its purpose is similarly a mystery. Does it have a practical application, like attracting monsters? Or dates? Does it cover up the smell of sweat and blood and monster drool, or does it just pile on more? Does it provide any buffs? Clearly there's only one way to tell—I need to douse myself in it. Andy Kelly is in Japan right now, so I could just ask him to get a crate for the office...
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