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Here's Monster Hunter World: Iceborne's Safi'jiiva armour set bonuses
The full Safi'jiiva Siege won't actually be going live until Friday, 13th December in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, but we've got an early look at armour stats for the monster's set. The video below shows off the beta version of the Safi'jiiva armour. You'll be able to earn this by slaying the Safi'jiiva from this Friday, in the Siege mission which lets up to 16 players fight the beast at once. There are two versions of the main armour skill: Dragonvein Awakening, unlocked with three pieces of the set equipped, and True Dragonvein Awakening, unlocked if you're wearing all five pieces. Read more
Monster Hunter World: Iceborne introduces RNG raid weapons next week
The new Safi'jiiva Elder Dragon has only just been introduced to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, but there's already a new Siege version of the monster on the way. Next week on 13th December, you'll take on Saji'jiiva, the grown up version of the Xeno'jiiva, in a special Siege mission in the Gathering Hub. You can fight the beast right now in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, but the next Siege mission - in the same vein as the Kulve Taroth - won't start until next week. Accomplish the Safi'jiiva Siege, and you'll be presented with a randomised selection of weapon types as a reward. You can pick three of these "Awakened" weapons to keep, and although they all have the same base stats for damage, they come in all element types. This is the first proper instance of RNG raid rewards in Monster Hunter: World. Read more
Defender α Armor Set Defender Weapons
{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/33171098/8a3301e5e0d5ffe464daef2db597b7c4e5a6bd68.jpg As of Friday, December 6 0:00 UTC, the Defender α armor set and Defender weapons were added to the game. In preparation for the worldwide release of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne on January 9, 2020, new weapons and a new set armor have been added! This new armor set features skills to help hunters quickly progress through Monster Hunter: World! Note: The launch date of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne differs depending on your region. Everyone will have access to this content as long as they are connected to the internet. This content is recommended to players who have yet to complete Monster Hunter: World's story or are thinking about starting it now. Take advantage of this powerful gear in order to quickly rank up before the release of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Note: The Defender α armor set and Defender weapons are also available to players who have not purchased Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Defender α ...
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