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Note Regarding Patch Ver.10.12.01
We've received some community feedback noting that in some cases, there was limited to no improvement in CPU utilization after applying the Ver.10.12.01 patch that was published on January 17, 2020 (UTC 0:00). While the dev team will continue investigating the matter, we would like to suggest that those who continue experiencing heavy CPU usage try capping the frame rate to "60" or "30" under Options -> Display -> Frame Rate. This may help alleviate the issue or reduce overall CPU usage. We will also add additional frame rate cap options in a future Title Update that will allow users to fine-tune and set an optimal frame rate cap to better match the individual PC's capabilities. Please note that Patch Ver.10.12.01 is not intended to solve frame rate performance issues and "hitches" that are occurring for some users. This is one of the priority issues the dev team will continue looking into, and progress will be shared in a future message update and patch release. Once again, our sincer...
Patch Release Notification
- The patch fixes an issue where the save data would not properly convert to the new file format if the player save data and the game hasn't been updated post Kulve Taroth Update launch on October 30, 2018 (UTC 23:00). *For those with save data timestamped before October 30, 2018 (UTC 23:00), any customization done to the key configuration will be reset to its default value after applying the new patch. **The November 22, 2018 (UTC 0:00) Title Update added a customizable keyboard setup. If you convert from a save data that is timestamped before this November Title Update, the following error message will be displayed. Failed to load keyboard setting presets. Data is corrupt. This is non-issue and can be safely ignored since the user-generated custom configuration data did not exist in the pre-patch save data - The patch should improve (lower) CPU utilization during active gameplay. Please note the level of improvement may vary and is dependent on individual user's PC configuration and ...
Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will soon fix PC save file and CPU problems
Monster Hunter World: Iceborne had a rocky release last week, with reports coming in that when PC players were jumping into the expansion there was a chance the game might delete their save files. This, paired with general performance issues, is obviously a very bad way for DLC to start its life on a new platform, but Capcom have announced that fixes are on the way. Yesterday, they published some patch pre-release info, reassuring us that the fixes will be released “in the coming days” – but warning players to be careful with their save data in the meantime. (more…)
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