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Fix Patch Released
We have released fix patch Ver. 11.50.01, addressing the following issues: ● Fixed an issue where Observation Logs photos would not be recognized correctly under certain PC setups. ● Fixed an issue where crashes would happen while using AMD graphics cards. ● Fixed an issue where DX12 users would experience rare crashes, regardless of the type of graphics cards. Note: Some users may not notice an improvement, depending on their specific hardware or system. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we appreciate your patience as we continue looking into these issues further. ● Fixed an issue where players could not enter their Room under certain PC setups. ● Adjusted the frequency of your Palico's voice dialogue while they're on standby. ● Fixed an issue where Steamworks reward item numbers didn't match the actual number of items you received. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Important: Matchmaking in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne requires players to have updated t...
Notice: Daily Bonus Compensation
The following online issues occurred between about 23:10 UTC February 11 and 3:00 UTC February 13, 2020. - Login bonuses could not be obtained (login information notices were not displayed) - Limited bounties would not update - Event quests and challenge quests were unavailable - Grand Appreciation Fest and Appreciation Fest decorations and character costumes had returned to normal - Sales at facilities, as well as the special platter at each Canteen, were unavailable We apologize for these issues, and would like to compensate everyone for the inconvenience with some free item packs that include the following: - Login bonuses originally intended for February 12 - All the rewards that were possible to obtain from limited bounties from February 12 - Compensation for seasonal event facility services Note: - In place of the usual research point rewards from completing limited bounties, we have instead included a Golden Egg. Also, as compensation for the seasonal event facility services, we...
Pre-release Notification of a Fix Patch
We are releasing a fix patch Ver. 11.50.01 to fix the below issues. Note: The patch is estimated at around 2.5GB. The overall data size will not fluctuate from this. ● A patch is scheduled for release on to address an issue that affects Observation Log photos for certain players. Note: - This issue will not have any effect on your story progress, nor on the status of your observations. - The issue occurs when deleting or submitting photos, so we highly recommend avoiding these actions while playing. - If you have already encountered this issue, it's recommended to not delete or add more photo data, and to keep your current data. - We expect photo data that can't be read will become readable again after the patch is released, however if you take more photos, you won't be able to restore your old data. ● Fixing an issue where crashes happen while using AMD graphics cards. ● Fixing an issue where DX12 users e...
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