Skills (commonly referred to as "Armor Skills") confer beneficial attributes and effects to the Hunter when they are equipped and brought out into a quest. Some of these benefits include:

Food skills are temporary buffs for the player.

Acquiring Skills

Equipping armor, a Charm, or some Decoration Jewels will activate the Skills on those equipment pieces.

Enhancing Skills

Armor, charms, and Decoration Jewels come with different amounts of Skill points.

Each Skill point the player equips increase the Skill's level by 1. Some Skills only have 1 level, so they will be at their full effect with just 1 skill point. However, most Skills have multiple levels that are unlocked by equipping more Skill points of that Skill. Higher level Skills give stronger bonuses.

Set Bonus

Set Bonuses are special skills that are activated by equipping at least a specific amount of armor pieces from the same armor series.

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