Heavy Bowgun

The Heavy Bowgun (HBG) makes up for its smaller ammo selection with larger clips and greater firepower. Leveraging the HBG's Special Ammo gives it a momentous advantage against monsters while in combat.

Strength & Weakness

Strength Weakness
  • (Generally) larger clip size
  • Longer range and more firepower
  • Shield (optional) can Guard
  • Slow movement
  • Slow firing rate
  • Slow weapon sheath/unsheath speed


Like the LBG, the Heavy Bowgun can also use custom mods to improve its attributes. To customize the HBG, the player needs to talk to the Smithy. The following mods can be equipped:

Mod Name Effect(s)
Recoil Suppressor Reduces recoils for certain ammo type. The strength of this effect depends on the ammo.
Reload Assist Reduces reload time for specific ammo. The strength of this effect depends on the ammo.
Deviation Suppressor Reduces ammo deviation when firing. Cannot be used on HBGs without deviation.
Close Range Up Increase attack power when firing at close range.
Range Attack Up Increase attack power when firing at long range.
Shield Automatically defend the player when the HBG is drawn.

If a HBG's attribute is improved by an installed mod, it will be highlighted in green. Some attributes require just 1 mod for improvement, but others may require multiple mods. Mods can be stacked to improve their effects, and mods of the same type can be stacked up to 3 times.

The HBG's rarity determines how many mods it can equip.

Weapon Rarity Numbers of mod
1 1
2 1
3 2
4 2
5 3
6 3


Recoil refers to the severity of weapon kickback when a shot is fired. Different ammunitions have different recoils. Strong recoil will have a sever kickback effect and renders the player immobile during the recoil animation.


Reload refers to how fast ammo can be reloaded. Reload speed differs between ammo types.


Deviation affects the direction and severity of bullet deviation when it was fired. Deviation is the same regardless of the ammo used. The further a shot travels, the stronger the effect of deviation has on its accuracy.

Critical Distance

Critical Distance (Critical Range) refers to the distance at which shots fired by the player will deal the most amount of damage.

Special Ammo

HBG can load Special Ammo, which does not consume any additional resources to use. Special ammo can be loaded () and used at the whim of the player. Once used, Special Ammo will recharge slowly.

Special Ammo Name Descriptions
Wyvernheart Works like gatling gun. Unlike the other Special Ammo, Wyvernheart ammo doesn't require a full charge to use. Wyvernheart Ammo can be fired consecutively by just holding down R2.
Wyvern Snipe A single-shot piercing round. This shot inflicts multiple hits as it pierces through the monster’s body. Each hit leave a small explosive. All explosives will will explode shortly after.


Move Button (+Condition) Properties
Draw Weapon Draw Attack > R2
Draw Weapon Draw Attack > Automatically performs a Reload if the current ammo is not fully loaded.
Aim Hold L2 Left-stick controls movement. Right-stick to aim.
Fire R2 R2 to fire.
Firing from the hip without aiming is possible.
Firing midair is possible.
Different bullets have different level of Recoil, and stronger Recoil will cause the player to be pushed.
Roll Roll in the selected direction
Reload Out of ammo > R2
Reload the current ammo.
Some kinds of ammo can be loaded while walking, while others force the player to stop to reload.
Load/Unload Special Ammo Load/Unload Special Ammo. When Special Ammo is loaded, the player cannot cycle to other ammo. Unloading Special Ammo will automatically happen when the Special Ammo is depleted.
Cycle through Ammo L1 + /
Dpad Up/Down
Melee Attack +
While sliding down a slope with weapon sheathed Combos into
  • Draw weapon /R2
  • Jump
Firing while sliding is possible, but not recommended.
Jumping Reload Midair Draw Attack > /R2
Midair >

Combat Tips

  • Critical Distance varies by ammo type, so being aware of the Critical Distance for all the shots being used is critical in maximizing damage.
  • Some kinds of ammo don't require standing still to reload. Knowing which kinds of ammo can be reloaded while moving and which kinds can't is helpful in staying safe while in combat.
  • While HBG cannot side-step like the LBG, the player can still roll () to move out of dangerous positions.