M★1 Baptism by Ice Hoarfrost Reach
Hunt a Beotodus
M★1 Beating Around the Bush Ancient Forest
Hunt a Tobi-Kadachi
M★1 Can't Bring Yourself To It Elder's Recess
Hunt a Dodogama
M★1 Grinding my Girros Rotten Vale
Hunt a Great Girros
M★1 All the Wrong Signals Coral Highlands
Hunt a Tzitzi-Ya-Ku
M★1 Taster's Tour Wildspire Waste
Hunt a Pukei-Pukei
M★1 Jyura In My Way Wildspire Waste
Hunt a Jyuratodus
M★1 Dragged Through the Mud Wildspire Waste
Hunt a Barroth
M★1 Wildspire Treasure Hunt Wildspire Waste
Hunt a Kulu-Ya-Ku
M★1 Trapping The Tree Trasher Ancient Forest
Capture a Banbaro
M★1 Literary Thief Ancient Forest
Hunt a Kulu-Ya-Ku
M★1 New World Problems Ancient Forest
Hunt a Pukei-Pukei
M★1 Banbaro Blockade Hoarfrost Reach
Hunt a Banbaro
M★1 The Great Jagras Returns! Ancient Forest
Hunt a Great Jagras
M★1 Special Arena: MR Banbaro Special Arena
Hunt a Banbaro
M★1 Special Arena: MR Tobi-Kadachi Special Arena
Hunt a Tobi-Kadachi
M★1 Special Arena: MR Barroth Special Arena
Hunt a Barroth
M★1 Special Arena: MR Pukei-Pukei Special Arena
Hunt a Pukei-Pukei
M★1 Greetings from the Tundra Hoarfrost Reach
Deliver 20 Young Butterburs
M★1 Call of the Wild Hoarfrost Reach
Slay 10 Wulg
M★1 Ice Catch! Hoarfrost Reach
Capture a Beotodus
M★1 Taking Charge Hoarfrost Reach
Hunt a Banbaro
M★1 Deep Snow Diver Hoarfrost Reach
Hunt a Beotodus
M★1 This Here's Big Horn Country! Elder's Recess
Hunt a Banbaro

M★1 Pearl Snatchers Hoarfrost Reach
Deliver 6 Pearlspring Macaques
M★1 Duffel Duty Hoarfrost Reach
Deliver 8 Duffel Penguins
M★1 Flora Frostbite Hoarfrost Reach
Deliver 10 Iceblooms
M★1 Trophy Fishin' Hoarfrost Reach
Hunt all target monsters
M★1 The Lord of the Underworld Beckons Rotten Vale
Deliver 20 Underground Fruit
M★1 A Bunch of Sticks in the Mud Wildspire Waste
Hunt all target monsters
M★1 Desert Desserts Wildspire Waste
Deliver 20 Hardfruit

M★1 Arena Master Quest 01 Arena
Slay a Banbaro
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