8★ The Blazing Sun
A team has spotted Teostra in the Wildspire Waste. I say it's an opportune time to go and have an audience with the infernal emperor, wouldn't you say?
Slay Teostra
Main Target
The Huntsman
Time expires Faint 3 times
Failure Conditions
Reward Money
HR 800
Monsters appearing in The Blazing Sun
Quest Mode Health Attack Defense Flinch Ailments Stun Exhaust Mount
Solo 8,686 x3.80 x1.00 x2.00 x1.30 +(x1.30) x1.30 x1.50 x1.00
Mult 19,522 x3.80 x1.00 x6.40 x1.30 +(x2.99) x4.55 x4.50 x2.50
Quest Supplies for The Blazing Sun
The Blazing Sun monster sizes
2237.69cm 100%
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