9★ Land of Convergence
An immense energy flows through the New World, and we've found where it all leads to. Go with the Seeker and find out what's there. May the Sapphire Star guide us all.
Complete the assignment
Main Target
The Admiral
Time expires Faint 3 times
Failure Conditions
Reward Money
HR 1000
Monsters appearing in Land of Convergence
Quest Mode Health Attack Defense Flinch Ailments Stun Exhaust Mount
Solo 15,150 x4.40 x1.00 x2.00 x1.30 +(x1.30) x1.30 x1.50 x1.00
Mult 34,050 x4.40 x1.00 x6.40 x1.30 +(x2.99) x4.55 x4.50 x2.50
Quest Supplies for Land of Convergence
Land of Convergence monster sizes
4509.1cm 100%
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