9★ The Name's Lavasioth!
Yo, we got asked to research a monster that no one ever wants to research! You know the one, that big floppy fishy that likes to lounge around in the lava! Yeah, THAT one! (Special ticket rewards)
Hunt a Lavasioth
Main Target
Excitable A-Lister
Time expires Faint 3 times
Failure Conditions
Reward Money
HR 900
Monsters appearing in The Name's Lavasioth!
Quest Mode Health Attack Defense Flinch Ailments Stun Exhaust Mount
Solo 8,680 x7.61 x1.00 x2.98 x1.30 +(x1.70) x1.30 x1.80 x1.50
Mult 18,920 x7.61 x1.00 x10.43 x1.30 +(x4.25) x4.55 x6.30 x4.50
Quest Rewards for The Name's Lavasioth!
Quest Supplies for The Name's Lavasioth!
The Name's Lavasioth! monster sizes
2246.55cm 100%
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