Quest List

[Assigned] 1★ Jagras of the Ancient Forest Ancient Forest
[Assigned] 2★ A Kestodon Kerfuffle Ancient Forest
[Assigned] 2★ The Great Jagras Hunt Ancient Forest
[Assigned] 2★ Bird-Brained Bandit Ancient Forest
[Assigned] 3★ Urgent: Pukei-Pukei Hunt Ancient Forest
[Assigned] 3★ The Best Kind of Quest Wildspire Waste
[Assigned] 3★ Sinister Shadows in the Swamp Wildspire Waste
[Assigned] 3★ Flying Sparks: Tobi-Kadachi Ancient Forest
[Assigned] 4★ The Encroaching Anjanath Ancient Forest
[Assigned] 4★ One for the History Books Great Ravine
[Assigned] 4★ Ballooning Problems Coral Highlands
[Assigned] 4★ Radobaan Roadblock Rotten Vale
[Assigned] 5★ Legiana: Embodiment of Elegance Coral Highlands
[Assigned] 5★ Into the Bowels of the Vale Rotten Vale
[Assigned] 5★ A Fiery Throne Atop the Forest Ancient Forest
[Assigned] 5★ Horned Tyrant Below the Sands Wildspire Waste
[Assigned] 6★ A Colossal Task Everstream
[Assigned] 6★ Invader in the Waste Wildspire Waste
[Assigned] 6★ Tickled Pink Wildspire Waste
[Assigned] 7★ Old World Monster in the New World Coral Highlands
[Assigned] 8★ A Wound and a Thirst Elder's Recess
[Assigned] 8★ Kushala Daora, Dragon of Steel Elder's Recess
[Assigned] 8★ Teostra the Infernal Elder's Recess
[Assigned] 8★ Hellish Fiend Vaal Hazak Rotten Vale
[Assigned] 9★ Land of Convergence Confluence of Fates
[Assigned] 9★ Beyond the Blasting Scales Wildspire Waste
[Assigned] 9★ Thunderous Rumble in the Highlands Coral Highlands
[Optional] 1★ Butting Heads with Nature Ancient Forest
[Optional] 1★ Fungal Flexin' in the Ancient Forest Ancient Forest
[Optional] 1★ A Thicket of Thugs Ancient Forest
[Optional] 2★ The Great Glutton Ancient Forest
[Optional] 2★ Camp Crasher Ancient Forest
[Optional] 2★ Snatch the Snatcher Wildspire Waste
[Optional] 2★ The Pain from Gains Wildspire Waste
[Optional] 2★ Exterminator of the Waste Wildspire Waste
[Optional] 3★ Scatternut Shortage Ancient Forest
[Optional] 3★ The Current Situation Ancient Forest
[Optional] 3★ Mired in the Spire Wildspire Waste
[Optional] 3★ The Piscine Problem Wildspire Waste
[Optional] 3★ Prickly Predicament Wildspire Waste
[Optional] 3★ Gettin' Yolked in the Waste Wildspire Waste
[Optional] 3★ Landing the Landslide Wyvern Wildspire Waste
[Optional] 3★ Special Arena: Pukei-Pukei Arena
[Optional] 3★ Special Arena: Barroth Arena
[Optional] 3★ Special Arena: Tobi-Kadachi Arena
[Optional] 4★ One Helluva Sinus Infection Ancient Forest
[Optional] 4★ Gettin' Yolked in the Forest Ancient Forest
[Optional] 4★ Royal Relocation Wildspire Waste
[Optional] 4★ It's a Crying Shamos Coral Highlands
[Optional] 4★ A Tzitzi for Science Coral Highlands
[Optional] 4★ Sorry You're Not Invited Coral Highlands
[Optional] 4★ What a Bunch of Abalone Coral Highlands
[Optional] 4★ White Monster for a White Coat Coral Highlands
[Optional] 4★ Persistent Pests Rotten Vale
[Optional] 4★ A Rotten Thing To Do Rotten Vale
[Optional] 4★ A Bone to Pick Rotten Vale
[Optional] 4★ On Nightmare's Wings Rotten Vale
[Optional] 4★ Troubled Troupers Coral Highlands
[Optional] 4★ Special Arena: Anjanath Arena
[Optional] 4★ Special Arena: Rathian Arena
[Optional] 4★ Special Arena: Paolumu Arena
[Optional] 4★ Special Arena: Radobaan Arena
[Optional] 5★ When Desire Becomes an Obsession Ancient Forest
[Optional] 5★ Redefining the "Power Couple" Ancient Forest
[Optional] 5★ Twin Spires Upon the Sands Wildspire Waste
[Optional] 5★ A Humid Headache Coral Highlands
[Optional] 5★ Gone in a Flash Coral Highlands
[Optional] 5★ Scratching the Itch Rotten Vale
[Optional] 5★ Man's Best Fiend Coral Highlands
[Optional] 5★ The Meat of the Matter Rotten Vale
[Optional] 5★ Special Arena: Legiana Arena
[Optional] 5★ Special Arena: Odogaron Arena
[Optional] 5★ Special Arena: Rathalos Arena
[Optional] 5★ Special Arena: Diablos Arena
[Optional] 6★ Left Quite the Impression Everstream
[Optional] 6★ Hard to Swallow Ancient Forest
[Optional] 6★ Googly-eyed Green Monster Ancient Forest
[Optional] 6★ A Hair-Raising Experience Ancient Forest
[Optional] 6★ It Can't See You if You Don't Move Ancient Forest
[Optional] 6★ The Sleeping Sylvan Queen Ancient Forest
[Optional] 6★ Stuck in Their Ways Ancient Forest
[Optional] 6★ Keep Your Hands to Yourself! Wildspire Waste
[Optional] 6★ A Crown of Mud and Anger Wildspire Waste
[Optional] 6★ Pukei-Pukei Ambush Wildspire Waste
[Optional] 6★ Up to Your Waist in the Waste Wildspire Waste
[Optional] 6★ Brown Desert, Green Queen Wildspire Waste
[Optional] 6★ Trespassing Troublemaker Wildspire Waste
[Optional] 6★ Say Cheese! Coral Highlands
[Optional] 6★ Loop the Paolumu Coral Highlands
[Optional] 6★ A Tingling Taste Rotten Vale
[Optional] 6★ Stuck in a Rut Rotten Vale
[Optional] 6★ Chef Quest! Pumped to Deliver Rotten Vale
[Optional] 6★ Chef Quest! A Rotten Request Rotten Vale
[Optional] 6★ A Meow for Help Elder's Recess
[Optional] 6★ A Scalding Scoop Elder's Recess
[Optional] 6★ Dodogama Drama Elder's Recess
[Optional] 6★ Chef Quest! Gajalaka Lockdown Elder's Recess
[Optional] 6★ Special Arena: HR Pukei-Pukei Arena
[Optional] 6★ Special Arena: HR Barroth Arena
[Optional] 6★ Special Arena: HR Tobi-Kadachi Arena
[Optional] 6★ Special Arena: HR Anjanath Arena
[Optional] 6★ Special Arena: HR Rathian Arena
[Optional] 6★ Special Arena: HR Paolumu Arena
[Optional] 6★ Special Arena: HR Radobaan Arena
[Optional] 7★ Rathalos Rematch Ancient Forest
[Optional] 7★ Rathalos in Blue Ancient Forest
[Optional] 7★ The Red and Blue Crew Ancient Forest
[Optional] 7★ Pretty In Pink Wildspire Waste
[Optional] 7★ Well, That Diablos! Wildspire Waste
[Optional] 7★ Two-horned Hostility Wildspire Waste
[Optional] 7★ RRRRRumble in the Waste! Wildspire Waste
[Optional] 7★ A Cherry Wind upon the Reefs Coral Highlands
[Optional] 7★ Legiana: Highlands Royalty Coral Highlands
[Optional] 7★ A Sore Site Coral Highlands
[Optional] 7★ Talons of Ire and Ice Coral Highlands
[Optional] 7★ Odogaron Unleashed Rotten Vale
[Optional] 7★ Lavasioth, Monster of Magma Elder's Recess
[Optional] 7★ Ore-eating Occupier Elder's Recess
[Optional] 7★ Ruler of the Azure Skies Elder's Recess
[Optional] 7★ Bazelgeuse in the Field of Fire Elder's Recess
[Optional] 7★ A Fiery Convergence Elder's Recess
[Optional] 7★ Special Arena: HR Pink Rathian Arena
[Optional] 7★ Special Arena: HR Legiana Arena
[Optional] 7★ Special Arena: HR Odogaron Arena
[Optional] 7★ Special Arena: HR Uragaan Arena
[Optional] 7★ Special Arena: HR Rathalos Arena
[Optional] 7★ Special Arena: HR Azure Rathalos Arena
[Optional] 7★ Special Arena: HR Diablos Arena
[Optional] 7★ Special Arena: HR Black Diablos Arena
[Optional] 7★ Today's Special: Hunter Flambe Ancient Forest
[Optional] 8★ A Portent of Disaster Ancient Forest
[Optional] 8★ A Blaze on the Sand Wildspire Waste
[Optional] 8★ Lightning Strikes Twice Coral Highlands
[Optional] 8★ Stirrings from the Grave Rotten Vale
[Optional] 8★ The Eater of Elders Elder's Recess
[Optional] 8★ Hellfire's Stronghold Elder's Recess
[Optional] 8★ The Winds of Wrath Bite Deep Elder's Recess
[Optional] 9★ A Light Upon the River's Gloom Confluence of Fates
[Optional] 9★ The White Winds of the New World Arena
[Optional] 9★ New World Sky, New World Flower Arena
[Optional] 9★ Showdown: the Muck and the Maul Arena
[Optional] 9★ A Summons from Below Rotten Vale
[Optional] 9★ The Sapphire Star's Guidance Elder's Recess