Monster Bone+
Bone obtained from large monsters. Hard to obtain, but vital for crafting powerful equipment.
Rarity 4
Where to find Monster Bone+
Low Rank Rathalos Hunt Rathalos x2 10%
Low Rank Diablos Hunt Diablos x1 13%
Low Rank Legiana Hunt Legiana x2 10%
Low Rank Odogaron Hunt Odogaron x1 13%
High Rank Great Jagras Hunt Great Jagras x1 20%
High Rank Kulu-Ya-Ku Hunt Kulu-Ya-Ku x1 18%
High Rank Great Girros Hunt Great Girros x2 10%
High Rank Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Hunt Tzitzi-Ya-Ku x1 16%
Legiana: Embodiment of Elegance x1 24%
Into the Bowels of the Vale x1 24%
A Fiery Throne Atop the Forest x1 24%
Horned Tyrant Below the Sands x1 24%
Special Arena: Legiana x1 24%
Special Arena: Odogaron x1 24%
Special Arena: Rathalos x1 24%
Special Arena: Diablos x1 24%
When Desire Becomes an Obsession x1 24%
Redefining the "Power Couple" x2 19%
Twin Spires Upon the Sands x1 24%
A Humid Headache x1 24%
Scratching the Itch x1 24%
Man's Best Fiend x1 24%
Invader in the Waste x1 30%
Tickled Pink x2 18%
Special Arena: HR Pukei-Pukei x1 24%
Special Arena: HR Barroth x1 24%
Special Arena: HR Tobi-Kadachi x1 18%
Special Arena: HR Anjanath x1 18%
Special Arena: HR Rathian x1 18%
Special Arena: HR Paolumu x1 18%
Special Arena: HR Radobaan x1 18%
Hard to Swallow x1 30%
Googly-eyed Green Monster x1 30%
A Hair-Raising Experience x2 18%
It Can't See You if You Don't Move x2 18%
The Sleeping Sylvan Queen x2 18%
Stuck in Their Ways x2 18%
Keep Your Hands to Yourself! x1 30%
A Crown of Mud and Anger x1 30%
Pukei-Pukei Ambush x1 30%
Up to Your Waist in the Waste x2 18%
Brown Desert, Green Queen x2 18%
Trespassing Troublemaker x2 18%
Say Cheese! x1 30%
Loop the Paolumu x2 18%
A Tingling Taste x1 30%
Stuck in a Rut x2 18%
Dodogama Drama x1 18%
A Flash in the Pan x1 20%
Egg Lovers United x1 20%
The Poison Posse x2 22%
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