Xeno'jiiva Wing

Xeno'jiiva Wing is a rare 0 item/material found in Monster Hunter World.

A rare Xeno'jiva wing. The wing membrane shines with the divine light of a powerful deity.

Where to find Xeno'jiiva Wing

Monsters that drop Xeno'jiiva Wing
High Rank Xeno'jiiva  from Wound Wings gives x1 70%
High Rank Xeno'jiiva  from Body Carve gives x1 11%
High Rank Xeno'jiiva  from Quest Reward gives x1 10%

Equipment, weapons and armor crafted from Xeno'jiiva Wing

Weapons crafted from Xeno'jiiva Wing
Daora's Decimator uses x2
Bazel Varga Rookslayer uses x3
Bazelhawk Rookslayer uses x3
Daora's Colossus uses x2
Bazelreid Rookslayer uses x3
Bazel Myniad Rookslayer uses x3
Daora's Fang uses x2
Bazel Buster II uses x3
Daora's Brigia uses x2
Bazel Raider II uses x3
Daora's Thwartoise uses x2
Daora's Tethidine uses x2
Bazel Typhoon II uses x3
Daora's Hornet uses x2
Daora's Sagittarii uses x2
Armors crafted from Xeno'jiiva Wing
Xeno'jiiva Hide Alpha uses x3
Xeno'jiiva Spine Alpha uses x2
Xeno'jiiva Hide Beta uses x3
Xeno'jiiva Spine Beta uses x2
Charms crafted from Xeno'jiiva Wing
Trickshot Charm II uses x2
Miasma Charm III uses x2