Xeno'jiiva Veil

Xeno'jiiva Veil is a rare 0 item/material found in Monster Hunter World.

A rare Xeno'jiiva organ that stores energy that can be released in a violent torrent.

Where to find Xeno'jiiva Veil

Monsters that drop Xeno'jiiva Veil
High Rank Xeno'jiiva  from Shiny Drop gives x1 50%
High Rank Xeno'jiiva  from Palico Bonus gives x1 50%
High Rank Xeno'jiiva  from Wound Head gives x1 32%
High Rank Xeno'jiiva  from Wound Wings gives x2 30%
High Rank Xeno'jiiva  from Quest Reward gives x1 14%

Equipment, weapons and armor crafted from Xeno'jiiva Veil

Weapons crafted from Xeno'jiiva Veil
Leviathan's Fury uses x3
Hazak Grosser II uses x3
Pandemonium's Root uses x3
Love's Sorrow uses x3
Hazak Spysa II uses x3
Hazak Demios II uses x3
Hazak Aspida II uses x3
Hazak Entoma II uses x3
Gulgoleth's Wail uses x3
Hazak Velos II uses x3
Armors crafted from Xeno'jiiva Veil
Xeno'jiiva Claws Alpha uses x2
Xeno'jiiva Spurs Alpha uses x2
Xeno'jiiva Claws Beta uses x2
Xeno'jiiva Spurs Beta uses x2
Charms crafted from Xeno'jiiva Veil
Marathon Charm II uses x2
Maintenance Charm III uses x2
Geomancy Charm uses x3