Xeno'jiiva Shell

Xeno'jiiva Shell is a rare 0 item/material found in Monster Hunter World.

A rare piece of Xeno'jiiva shell, tempered to act as a vessel for the flames of the underworld.

Where to find Xeno'jiiva Shell

Monsters that drop Xeno'jiiva Shell
High Rank Xeno'jiiva  from Body Carve gives x1 32%
High Rank Xeno'jiiva  from Plunderblade gives x1 30%
High Rank Xeno'jiiva  from Quest Reward gives x1 22%
High Rank Xeno'jiiva  from Wound Forearms gives x1 20%

Equipment, weapons and armor crafted from Xeno'jiiva Shell

Weapons crafted from Xeno'jiiva Shell
King Thundersword uses x4
Magda Potestas II uses x4
Xeno Maliq uses x6
Magda Facultas II uses x4
Xeno Cypher uses x6
Thunderbolt Sword II uses x4
Xeno Mabura uses x6
Monarch uses x4
Magda Ungulae II uses x4
Xeno Raqs uses x6
Ragefire Magda Floga uses x4
Xeno Maph'agarna uses x6
Thunderbolt Horn II uses x4
Xeno Manasheena uses x6
Thunderpiercer uses x4
Xeno Zauta uses x6
Earthshaker Magda Lahat uses x4
Xeno Hemta uses x6
Kirin Thunderpeal uses x4
Xeno Martshu uses x6
Avenging Magda Manus uses x4
Xeno Ra'atz uses x6
Verdant Levin uses x4
Xeno Shmaena uses x6
Mythical Three-Horn uses x4
Xeno Neqiina uses x6
Quickquiver uses x4
Magda Gemitus II uses x4
Xeno Jiiqa uses x6
Xeno Metora uses x6
Charms crafted from Xeno'jiiva Shell
Demolition Charm III uses x3
Impact Charm II uses x5