Xeno'jiiva Gem

Xeno'jiiva Gem is a rare 0 item/material found in Monster Hunter World.

A phantasmal gem formed inside the tissue of Xeno'jiiva. The power it holds defies comprehension.

Where to find Xeno'jiiva Gem

Monsters that drop Xeno'jiiva Gem
High Rank Xeno'jiiva  from Tail Carve gives x1 7%
High Rank Xeno'jiiva  from Body Carve gives x1 5%
High Rank Xeno'jiiva  from Wound Head gives x1 4%
High Rank Xeno'jiiva  from Quest Reward gives x1 3%
High Rank Xeno'jiiva  from Plunderblade gives x1 1%

Equipment, weapons and armor crafted from Xeno'jiiva Gem

Weapons crafted from Xeno'jiiva Gem
Xeno Maliq uses x1
Xeno Cypher uses x1
Xeno Mabura uses x1
Xeno Raqs uses x1
Xeno Maph'agarna uses x1
Xeno Manasheena uses x1
Xeno Zauta uses x1
Xeno Hemta uses x1
Xeno Martshu uses x1
Xeno Ra'atz uses x1
Xeno Shmaena uses x1
Xeno Neqiina uses x1
Xeno Jiiqa uses x1
Xeno Metora uses x1
Armors crafted from Xeno'jiiva Gem
Xeno'jiiva Hide Alpha uses x1
Xeno'jiiva Hide Beta uses x1
Charms crafted from Xeno'jiiva Gem
Wyrmsbane Charm III uses x1
Marathon Charm II uses x1
Handicraft Charm III uses x1
Mighty Charm II uses x1
Impact Charm I uses x1
Critical Charm I uses x1
Invigorate Charm I uses x1
Penetration Charm uses x1
Geomancy Charm uses x1
Wyrmslayer Charm uses x1