Vespoid Innerwing

Vespoid Innerwing is a rare 0 item/material found in Monster Hunter World.

Rare Vespoid material. Obtained by carving. Light and sharp, used in many weapons.

Where to find Vespoid Innerwing

Monsters that drop Vespoid Innerwing
High Rank Vespoid   from Body Carve gives x1 35%
High Rank Vespoid   from Quest Reward gives x1 23%

Equipment, weapons and armor crafted from Vespoid Innerwing

Weapons crafted from Vespoid Innerwing
Lightning Punisher I uses x3
Lightning Nemesis I uses x3
Lightning Bash I uses x3
Lightning Drum I uses x3
Glass Royale uses x3
Glass Royale+ uses x6
Queen Vespoid Horn uses x3
Lightning Spire I uses x3
Lightning Chopper I uses x3
Lightning Blitz I uses x3
Armors crafted from Vespoid Innerwing
Vespoid Helm Alpha uses x2
Vespoid Mail Alpha uses x2
Vespoid Vambraces Alpha uses x2
Vespoid Coil Alpha uses x2
Vespoid Greaves Alpha uses x2
Vespoid Helm Beta uses x2
Vespoid Mail Beta uses x2
Vespoid Vambraces Beta uses x2
Vespoid Coil Beta uses x2
Vespoid Greaves Beta uses x2
Charms crafted from Vespoid Innerwing
Insect Charm II uses x4