Uragaan Jaw

Uragaan Jaw is a rare 0 item/material found in Monster Hunter World.

Rare Uragaan material. Obtained from breaking its jaw. Unusual, used in select gear.

Where to find Uragaan Jaw

Monsters that drop Uragaan Jaw
High Rank Uragaan  from Wound Jaw gives x1 72%

Equipment, weapons and armor crafted from Uragaan Jaw

Weapons crafted from Uragaan Jaw
Brazenridge I uses x1
Brazenridge II uses x2
Brazenbreak I uses x1
Brazenbreak II uses x2
Motor Chopper I uses x1
Motor Chopper II uses x2
Brazencord uses x1
Gigacles uses x2
Armors crafted from Uragaan Jaw
Uragaan Mail Alpha uses x2
Uragaan Mail Beta uses x2
Charms crafted from Uragaan Jaw
Sleep Charm III uses x2
Dragon Charm II uses x1
Breaker Charm I uses x2