Teostra Mane

Teostra Mane is a rare 0 item/material found in Monster Hunter World.

Rare Teostra material. Obtained by breaking its head. Highly fire-resistant, used to craft gear.

Where to find Teostra Mane

Monsters that drop Teostra Mane
High Rank Teostra  from Wound Horns gives x1 32%
High Rank Teostra  from Plunderblade gives x1 24%
High Rank Teostra  from Body Carve gives x1 15%
High Rank Teostra  from Quest Reward gives x1 14%
High Rank Teostra  from Investigation Reward (Silver) gives x1 12%
High Rank Teostra  from Investigation Reward (Gold) gives x1 12%

Equipment, weapons and armor crafted from Teostra Mane

Weapons crafted from Teostra Mane
Lava Blaze II uses x2
Anja Scimitar III uses x2
Imperial Saber uses x2
Gnashing Flammensucher uses x2
Teostra's Spada uses x2
Anja Cyclone III uses x2
Lava Cyclone II uses x2
Anja Striker III uses x2
Anja Barone III uses x2
Teostra's Tiple uses x2
Anja Cannon III uses x2
Teostra's Arx uses x2
Anja Buster III uses x2
Lava Bullet II uses x2
Gnashing Flammenkanone uses x2
Teostra's Artillery uses x2
Anja Arch III uses x2
Dante's Devil Sword uses x4
Armors crafted from Teostra Mane
Kaiser Coil Alpha uses x1
Kaiser Greaves Alpha uses x2
Kaiser Coil Beta uses x1
Kaiser Greaves Beta uses x2
Charms crafted from Teostra Mane
Power Charm I uses x2
Geomancy Charm uses x2