Majestic Horn

Majestic Horn is a rare 0 item/material found in Monster Hunter World.

Rare Diablos material. Obtained by breaking its horns. Stout, used in many weapons.

Where to find Majestic Horn

Monsters that drop Majestic Horn
High Rank Diablos  from Wound Horns gives x1 65%
High Rank Diablos  from Investigation Reward (Gold) gives x1 18%
High Rank Diablos  from Investigation Reward (Silver) gives x1 14%

Equipment, weapons and armor crafted from Majestic Horn

Weapons crafted from Majestic Horn
Kadachi Fang II uses x2
Diablos Clubs I uses x3
Kadachi Claws II uses x2
Diablos Shatterer I uses x3
Kadachi Striker+ uses x2
Axe Semper Tyrannis uses x3
Diablos Tyrannis I uses x3
Kadachi Kaina II uses x2
Tyrannis Glaive I uses x3
Kadachi Pillar II uses x2
Dual Threat uses x3
Kadachi Lion II uses x2
Diablos Coilbender uses x4
Diablos Coilbender uses x3
Armors crafted from Majestic Horn
Diablos Helm Alpha uses x2
Diablos Mail Alpha uses x2
Diablos Greaves Alpha uses x1
Diablos Helm Beta uses x2
Diablos Mail Beta uses x2
Diablos Greaves Beta uses x1
Diablos Nero Helm Alpha uses x2
Diablos Nero Helm Beta uses x2
Charms crafted from Majestic Horn
Earplugs Charm I uses x2
Bulwark Charm uses x2