Coma Sac

Coma Sac is a rare 0 item/material found in Monster Hunter World.

A monster organ that contains dangerous powder. One whiff can induce a coma.

Where to find Coma Sac

Monsters that drop Coma Sac
High Rank Radobaan  from Quest Reward gives x1 18%
High Rank Radobaan  from Investigation Reward (Silver) gives x2 14%
High Rank Radobaan  from Investigation Reward (Gold) gives x3 12%

Equipment, weapons and armor crafted from Coma Sac

Weapons crafted from Coma Sac
Radobaan Slab I uses x2
Radobaan Slab II uses x3
Radobaan Slab III uses x4
Baan Claw I uses x2
Baan Claw II uses x3
Baan Claw III uses x4
Baan Strike I uses x2
Baan Strike II uses x3
Baan Strike III uses x4
Baan Horn I uses x2
Baan Horn II uses x3
Baan Horn III uses x4
Baan Roar I uses x2
Baan Roar II uses x3
Baan Roar III uses x4
Armors crafted from Coma Sac
Baan Mail Alpha uses x2
Baan Coil Alpha uses x3
Baan Mail Beta uses x2
Baan Coil Beta uses x3
Charms crafted from Coma Sac
Tranq Charm III uses x3
Sleep Coating Charm uses x3