Anjanath Fang+

Anjanath Fang+ is a rare 0 item/material found in Monster Hunter World.

Rare Anjanath material. Obtained by breaking its head. Sharp, used in many weapons.

Where to find Anjanath Fang+

Monsters that drop Anjanath Fang+
High Rank Anjanath  from Wound Head gives x1 62%
High Rank Anjanath  from Shiny Drop gives x1 28%
High Rank Anjanath  from Palico Bonus gives x1 28%
High Rank Anjanath  from Plunderblade gives x1 26%
High Rank Anjanath  from Investigation Reward (Silver) gives x1 24%
High Rank Anjanath  from Investigation Reward (Gold) gives x1 23%
High Rank Anjanath  from Body Carve gives x1 15%
High Rank Anjanath  from Capture gives x1 15%

Equipment, weapons and armor crafted from Anjanath Fang+

Weapons crafted from Anjanath Fang+
Flammenzahn+ uses x4
Anja Scimitar I uses x4
Anja Scimitar II uses x5
Anja Scimitar III uses x6
Flammensucher uses x5
Flammensucher uses x4
Gnashing Flammensucher uses x6
Anja Cyclone I uses x4
Anja Cyclone II uses x5
Anja Cyclone III uses x6
Anja Striker I uses x4
Anja Striker II uses x5
Anja Striker III uses x6
Anja Barone I uses x4
Anja Barone II uses x5
Anja Barone III uses x6
Anja Cannon I uses x4
Anja Cannon II uses x5
Anja Cannon III uses x6
Flammenbeil+ uses x4
Flammenkaefer+ uses x4
Anja Buster I uses x4
Anja Buster II uses x5
Anja Buster III uses x6
Flammenkanone uses x4
Gnashing Flammenkanone uses x6
Anja Arch I uses x4
Anja Arch II uses x5
Anja Arch III uses x6
Armors crafted from Anjanath Fang+
Anja Mail Alpha uses x4
Anja Coil Alpha uses x3
Anja Mail Beta uses x4
Anja Coil Beta uses x3
Dante's Gloves Alpha uses x4
Charms crafted from Anjanath Fang+
Fire Charm II uses x2
Artillery Charm II uses x2
Glutton's Charm II uses x2