Basic Actions

The following are some basic actions the player can perform when their weapon is sheathed.

Basic Actions - Sheathed Weapons

Action How to perform
Slow Walk Small Directional Input
Walk Directional
Run Directional + R1
Panic Run Run away from a large monster
Panic Dive during a Panic Run
Slow Crawl Small Directional input while crouching
Crawl Directional input while crouching
Evade/Roll Directional +
Draw Weapon . Using Directional + or R2 will perform a Draw Attack
Put away Weapon or starting running with R1


From slow to fast:

  • Slow Crawl
  • Crawl
  • Slow Walk
  • Walk
  • Run
  • Panic Run

Both Run and Panic Run consume stamina.

Vertical Surfaces and Midair

The player can jump off a ledge by rolling (direction + ). To climb down a ledge, use .

On a vertical surface, the player can

  • Use items
  • Drop off
  • Move vertically and horizontally
  • Climb p with the hook
  • Attack
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